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Marcella Adamski, Ph.D. provides individual psychotherapy, couples counseling and psychological coaching and consultations for executives and professionals. Whether you are an entrepreneur in a start-up, a corporate leader under great stress or an individual experiencing emotional turmoil, Dr. Adamski can help you gain the insight and skills to resolve your difficulties. She works closely with you to tailor a treatment plan designed to deliver optimum results.

Dr. Adamski's theoretical approach is psychodynamic and interpersonal with cognitive behavioral techniques available as needed. She provides both short-term issue focused therapy as well as long-term in-depth psychotherapy to address more chronic problems or childhood traumas.

Because neuroscience demonstrates the value of understanding the mind-body connection, Dr. Adamski offers instruction in mindfulness training, relaxation techniques, and breathing exercises to reduce stress and enhance well-being.

Dr. Adamski's experience with international humanitarian programs and extensive world travel to over 22 countries equips her to recognize the challenges faced by people from diverse curltural, racial and religious backgrounds.

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Psychotherapy Services

Dr. Adamski provides a caring, confidential, and therapeutic environment where you can freely discuss matters of the heart and mind. At each session, Dr. Adamski can help you learn how to handle work stress, address relationship problems, manage anxiety and depression and deal with health concerns. Dr. Adamski specializes in helping:

»Professionals, Executives In High Stress Careers
»Individuals Suffering From Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, or Low Self Esteem
»People dealing with Workplace Problems, Career Changes, Loss of Employment
»Professionals Faced With Health Issues, Drug or Alcohol Addictions
»Couples Counseling for the straight and LGBT community
»Pre-marital counseling, relationship conflicts, divorce decisions.
»People Dealing With Traumatic Experiences

»Individuals Facing Cross-Cultural Conflict in Relationships and at Work
»Older Adults, Families, and Nursing Homes Needing Psychological Assistance regarding Transfer Trauma.

Counseling Services